Hi! My name’s Kat, and I really appreciate you taking the time to visit my blog. 

I started publishing content here on somuchkat in January 2020, having set up the blog over a year ago and left it empty. I love to write, but perfectionism and fear of failure have always been my downfall! 

This year I decided to just take the plunge and go for it, sharing my thoughts on the things I love – books, films, video games, fantasy, mental health awareness, body positivity, cats and more. 

Interested? Learn more about me and the blog by reading my first post, five things about somuchkat. You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter @somuch_kat and check out my profile on goodreads

If you’d like to get in touch, go for it! Feel free to contact me on social media, leave comments on any of my pages or posts, or use the contact form here on the blog. 

Until then – so much to say, so much to do, somuchkat.